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Analytics Play a Key Role in Campus Library Operations

图书馆阅读华尔街日报》的分析中发挥关键人Role in Campus Library Operations on tablet

Insights fromLibrary Journaland EBSCO

Data now informs nearly every aspect of our lives, and academic libraries are increasingly using data to drive operations. In fact, a new survey fromLibrary Journaland EBSCO reveals that library analytics are critical for understanding how users engage with campus libraries. This, in turn, helps librarians shape their collections and programming, justify budget decisions, and demonstrate the library’s value to stakeholders.

  • 80%of librarians fear that, without analytics, administrators might not understand or value the library’s contribution
  • 62%fear that a lack of proper data could result in reductions to library services
  • Only 28%said they were satisfied with their data reporting tools