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Free and available to allEBSCO Discovery Service(EDS) and EBSCOhostusers, the EBSCO Mobile app gives users ubiquitous access to the library’s content, surfacing search results across the library’s EBSCO subscriptions. The EBSCO Mobile app expands the reach of the library by making research quickly available via an easy-to-use interface to users wherever they might be.

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Leverage Mobile Technology

EBSCO手机应用程序允许使用rs to take advantage of the inherent strengths of their mobile devices, such as sharing links via native iOS and Android tools, using facial recognition for login, voice-to-text searching, audio play of content and finding their library based on geolocation.

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Download and Read EBSCO eBooks on the EBSCO Mobile App

The EBSCO Mobile app provides library users with an easy way to download and read e-books from their library’sEBSCO eBookscollections.

In addition, the app enables you to download e-books and read them within the app without needing an Adobe ID or the Adobe Digital Editions app.

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Woman in a cafe reading from the mobile app and taking notes.

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